Thanks to a strategic approach, ELESER is firmly established as an innovative, ethical, reliable and sustainable company. At ELESER, our customer's needs always come first.

ELESER end-to-end

We will take care of every last detail to do with your lift or platform, from start to finish, and we can guarantee that the product will be safe and reliable.

  • We take care of researching, designing and manufacturing all our lifts, whether for passengers or goods.
  • Innovation and quality are two of our core values.
  • We support our official representatives throughout the process of selling, fitting and subsequently servicing our lifts and elevators.
  • We create direct and indirect jobs.
  • We are renowned for our fast and customised service.
  • Most of our replacement parts are designed, developed and finished at our factory.
  • We use components by top international brands.
  • All of the ELESER lifts designed for passengers are approved by the IMQ Competent Body.

Our R&D&I department is constantly designing new lifts, improving existing ones and working tirelessly on tailored projects.

  • 1994: Start of the activity with the manufacture of platforms / forklifts exclusive use of goods Model PHE / 2PHE.
  • 2003: Single-family elevator Model PERSONLIFT
  • 2007: Platform exclusive use of load Model EASY
  • 2009: ELECAR Model Passenger Car Lift
  • 2012: DW Dumbwaiter for small loads
  • 2013: Vertical platform stairlift Model SV
  • 2017: Good lift with operators on board Model HCA