Following with our strategic main lines of work, ELESER strengthen as an innovating company, sustainable, ethics and reliable, listening at customer’s needs.

ELESER from start to end

ELESER undertake your homelift or goods lift from the beginning to the end, providing you the guarantee of a reliable and secure product:

  • We research, design and manufacture all our elevators for people and goods.
  • Our challenge is innovation and quality.
  • We give support to our official representatives at sales, installation and/or any other need at maintenance.
  • We create direct and indirect employment.
  • We provide personal and fast service.
  • Most of the components and spare parts are made in our factory.
  • ELESER’s range of products for people transportation is certified by the Notified Control Body IMQ.

Instituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualitá

R & D

Our Research and Development department works nonstop in order to create new products, improving existing ones and working on tailored models.

  • 1994 start of the activity producing Platforms for Goods-only vertical transportation.
  • 2003 we created our first elevator for people, ELESER’s home lift.
  • 2007 Goods-only platform named EASY.
  • 2009 Car Lifting Platform for vehicles with driver and passengers.
  • 2012 Mini Goods Lift or Dumbwaiter, commonly used by restaurants, but also very useful for vertical transportation of household goods.
  • 2013 Vertical Lifting Platform specially designed for wheelchair users.
  • 2017 Goods lift with attendant.