Car Lift Platform

Reliability and safety are two of the key features of our Elecar carlift. We design platforms for short‑distance vertical vehicle elevation including passengers.

The Elecar lift allows cars to travel from the outside of the building to the inside of the car park on various levels. The car lift platform can be fitted for cars parks in multi‑storey homes, business premises and small blocks of flats.

Our car lift platform is designed to vertically transport vehicles with passengers so as to overcome architectural boundaries and reach even the most confined areas in existing buildings.

This vertical platform is perfect when building a car park ramp is not feasible due to spatial constraints.

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Main advantages:

  • Comfortable.
  • Silent.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Works with single‑phase current.
  • No machine room required.
  • Perfectly levelled.
  • Reduced pit depth and headroom.
  • Minimal shaft size.

For use in:

  • Multi‑storey homes with a garage.
  • Small blocks of flats with a car park.
  • Small public buildings.
  • Stores with a car park.

Safety features:

  • Emergency lighting and rescue system.
  • 2 top-quality on-board telephones built into the button panel.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • 2 parachute valves.
  • Mechanical and electric locking doors.
  • Material or immaterial perimeter protection.
  • End-of-journey button.
  • Manual lowering device.
  • Automatic re-levelling.
  • Non-slip flooring.
  • Thermal relay for motor protection.
  • Mechanical safety locking pins for work under the platform.

Technical features:

Maximum load 2.500 kg 3.000 kg
Maximum tour 6.450 mm 6.000 mm
Gat (depending on the route) 450 mm a 1.775 mm 1.200 mm a 1.550 mm
Minimum escape 2.750 mm 2.750 mm
0,05 m/s 4CV - Single-phase or Three-phase -
0,10 m/s 10,5 CV - Three-phase 13 CV - Three-phase
0,15 m/s 13 CV - Three-phase 20 CV - Three-phase

Platform floor area:

Length (m)
Width (m)
Clearance (m)

Protection Wall Features:

The platform is equipped with a 2000 mm barrier wall on the guide rail side. The other three sides are protected by a 1575 mm light curtain to stop the lift from moving until the vehicle is fully parked inside.


A variety of officially approved garage doors can be installed, including sectional doors. The doors are equipped with a device to prevent movement in the following cases:

  • When any of the doors are not closed properly.
  • When any of the doors opens on the way up or down.
  • When the platform is not entirely levelled with the corresponding floor.