Goods Lift With Attendant

A goods lift for vertical transportation of goods with operators on-board.

We have designed a safe and silent elevation platform with cutting‑edge cabin technology for vertical transportation of goods with passengers on-board, carrying loads of 1000, 1500 or 2000 kg.

Tailored vertical elevation solutions to optimise times for your teams and streamline your company logistics.

A goods lift carrying goods and people on-board for industrial uses, warehouses and points of sale. Improve your goods transport processes by enabling the same operator to load and unload at both ends.

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Main advantages:

  • Time optimisation for your teams.
  • Improved tidiness and organisation.
  • A machine room is not required.
  • Functional, comfortable and silent.
  • Low energy consumption, eco-friendly.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Reduced pit depth and headroom.
  • Safe for users and for maintenance staff.


General features:

  • Galvanised cabin.
  • Silent hydraulic power unit.
  • Direct acting piston up to 4500 mm  

or indirect 2-to-1 acting piston up to 14,000 mm.

  • Speed: up to 0.15m/s.
  • Cabin clearance: 2100 mm.
  • Non-slip tread plate flooring.
  • Baseboard.
  • Ceiling hatch.
  • LED lighting.

Safety features:

  • Installed in a closed shaft with masonry or metal walls.
  • All entry points protected by doors with an electric interlock system.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Completely closed cabin.
  • End-of-journey button.
  • Manual lowering device.
  • Automatic re-levelling to keep the platform steady during loading and unloading.
  • Goods weighing scales.
  • Thermal relay for motor protection.
  • Mechanical safety locking pins for work under the platform.
  • Immaterial barrier in cabin (light curtain).
  • Telephone inside the cabin.
  • Automatic rescue system in case of a serial power cut with manual doors and optionally with automatic doors.
  • Instant cabin brake system in case of broken suspension cables.


  • Cabin (walls and ceiling): stainless steel.
  • Cabin (walls and ceiling): steel plate
  • RAL 7032 polyurethane paint coating
  • Pre‑installed electrics.
  • Automatic cabin doors.
  • Built-in telephone.
  • Mid-height wall guard.
  • Machine room cabinet.
  • Shaft lighting.
  • Back-up battery for automatic doors.

For use in:

  • Industrial facilities.
  • Warehouses.
  • Stores.
  • Department stores.
  • Agribusiness.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
Model HCA 100 HCA 150 HCA 200
Load limit 1000 kg (2200 lbs) 1500 kg (3300 lbs) 2000 kg (4400 lbs)
Surface area < 3 m2
(32 sq. ft)
< 4.5 m2
(48 sq. ft)
< 5.6 m2
(60 sq. ft)
Travel limit for direct piston 4500 mm (14.8 ft)
Travel limit for
14,000 mm (46 ft)
Cabin height At least 2100 mm (6.9 ft)
Headroom Cabin height + 600 mm (2 ft)

1 LED spotlights

2 Cabin operating panel

3 Landing doors

4 Landing operating panel

5 Cabin

6 Guide rails

7 Machine room cabinet

8 Piston