The alliance between comfort and design that covers the essential need and improves the value of your building. Conceived to be installed at existing buildings and to remove architectural barriers.

We have created a reliable lift for vertical transportation of people who have to travel short and medium distances.

Our elevator is the solution to improve the quality of life at home, at small public buildings, or at reduced size residents associations.

Especially performed for elderly and people with reduced mobility.

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Main Advantages:

  • Comfortable
  • Silent
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Maximum security
  • Particular facilities for elderly and other people with reduced mobility
  • Minimum pit of 200mm ≈7.7in


  • Cabin colour swatch
  • Range of flooring types
  • Half mirror or full-height vertical mirror
  • Floor indicator display in cabin (standard for lifts with cabin doors)
  • Cabinet for power unit and control board


  • Light curtain in the cabin
  • Possibility of cabin automatic doors
  • Telephone in the interior of the cabin
  • Option for built-in lift telephone
  • Stainless steel operating push-button containing: Alarm; Excess load indicator; Emergency light; Users restriction key; Emergency stop switch in cabin’s operating panels, or door open for lifts with cabin door
  • Automatic rescue device in case of failure at the electrical supply
  • Approved fire-resistant doors
  • Immediate mechanical wedging following a suspected break or slackening of the suspension cables
  • Non-slip flooring

Useful For:

  • Terraced villas
  • Points of sales
  • Small hotels and restaurants
  • Nursing homes
  • Public buildings

Technical Features:

  • Load capacity: from 180kg _397lbs - 2 person, until 450kg _992lbs – 6 person
  • Usable surface: from 700x700mm _27.5in, until 1400mm _55in x 1200mm_47in
  • Maximum travel: 15 000 mm _590in
  • Speed: until 150mm _5.9in per second
  • Smooth and silent hydraulic power unit
  • Motor Power: 2.2 KW or 2.9 KW
  • Electricity Supply:
    • One Phase 230 Vac
    • Three phase 230/400 Vac
  • Operating buttons with light indicators and Braille
  • Hold-to-run operation (lift with light curtains), or automatic operation (lift with automatic doors)
  • Pre-assembled electrical installation