Mini Goods Lift

Microlift designed for the vertical transportation of small loads, in the sectors of Industry, Commerce, Services and at Home.

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Mini elevator for the exclusive use of small goods.

A service lift robust and easy to clean. It is versatile at vertical transportation of small material.

Permits to optimize the space.

Electrical action with variable-frequency drive, for smooth starts and stops.


  • Model DW 50 for 50 kg. 110lbs. load.
  • Model DW 100 for 100 kg.  220lbs. load.

Main Advantages:

  • Silent.
  • Useful.
  • Saves time.
  • Speed: 0.31 or 0.39 m/s
  • Travel: up to 35 m. (non-standard, please contact us)
  • Up to 12 stops.

Applicable For:

  • Dumbwaiter for hospitality industry as restaurants, bars, coffee shops or hotels.
  • Mini goods lift for retail, like shoe shops, bag shops, boutiques, etc.
  • Books-lift for libraries or bookstores.
  • Instruments-lift for hospitals, clinics or chemist’s shops.
  • Documents-lift for offices.
  • To carry clothes, household goods and plates at private kitchens, it allows a less physical effort and keeps a better order at home.

Technical Features:

  • Cabin sizes:
    • Maximum: 800x800 mm.
    • Minimum: 400x400 mm.
  • Standard cabin height: 800 mm. and maximum: 1200 mm.
  • Motor power: 0.37 kw or 0.74 kw.
  • Power supply options:
    • 230V – Single-phase 50hz/60hz.
    • 400V – Three-phase 50hz/60hz.
  • Stainless Steel cabin. Removable intermediary shelves.
  • Doors: manual bi-parting type (guillotine) with 2 vertical opening panels, stainless steel finish.
  • Clear Opening from 400 mm to 800 mm Landing operating panels with send control to each floor, as well as present & in use light indicators. Acoustic alarm (buzzer) for lift arrival at floor.
  • Possibility for any type of access: simple (front or side), double (90º or 180º) or triple (270º)