Vertical Lifting Platform

Vertical platform lift for the exclusive use of people with impaired mobility or using wheelchair, it helps people to accede to buildings with few steps at the entrance.

Steplift to help people with reduced mobility or using wheelchair to accede to low raises.

Lift designed taking care of every detail for being secure and functional.

Elevator to install directly fixed to the wall or to a metal structure.

Platform easy to assemble, it does not require major works.

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  • Standard RAL 7035 (for other colours please ask us)
  • Weatherproof
  • Shiny Inox
  • Automatic door opening

Main Advantages:

  • Silent
  • Smooth starts & stops
  • Easy installation (preassembled in the factory)
  • Machine Roomless (electrical and hydraulic power units into the column)
  • Emergency battery (it would go down in case of electrical power fail)
  • Low electrical consumption: 0.75KW

Applicable For:

  • Elderly people
  • Mobility impaired or physically disabled people
  • User in wheelchair with its therapeutic companion
  • User standing up alone or in a wheelchair


  • Machinery cabinet

Technical Features:

  • Minimum floor area 900 ≈ 35.4in x 800mm ≈31.5in
  • Maximum floor area 1400 ≈55.1 x 1100 mm ≈43.3in
  • Standard speed 0.08 m/s ≈ 26.2ft/s (for others, please ask us)
  • Non-slipping rubber floor
  • Load capacity 300 Kg ≈ 661.4 lbs
  • Landing and cabin control panels
  • 1150mm  ≈ 45.3 in panoramic cabin
  • Minimum pit
  • Minimum headroom at upper floor
  • Domestic electrical power (one phase 230V)


  • Anti-crushing system (stops the platform when going down if faced to any barrier)
  • Doors with security locks
  • Anti-creep device (keeps the lift landing level for the cases of adrift when loading and unloading or oil leaks)
  • Main circuit breaker
  • Use restriction key
  • Emergency stop button
  • Hold-to-run button
  • Automatic rescue system

At our products, we take care of any detail

Also available with automatic door operator to meet the demand of certain public building debts and obligations schedule.

It makes the difference at people's access, especially when they have impaired mobility.

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An aesthetic touch

You can also ask us for our Shiny Stainless Steel Design Version.

A high quality finishing made to suit any interior, whether it is contemporary or classic.

The product’s robustness that characterises our brand

We have developed a Weatherproof Option to be installed outside even under the most adverse climate conditions.

Completely made of stainless steel protected by a polyester coating.

The machinery is installed in a weathertight control cabinet.