Vertical Steplift Platform

This low-rise platform is designed to ease access for people with impaired mobility or wheelchair users when there are steps.

Our low rise platform lifts can be wall‑mounted or installed on a metal structure.

This vertical platform step lift is intended exclusively for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.

The low riser provides easy access to buildings with steps in the entrance.

Low riser conceived with the utmost attention to detail to ensure safety and functionality.

This elevation platform for low rise is easy to install, no need for expensive building work.

With two stops and a maximum height of 1.8 m, this step lift is ideal for short distances.

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  • Basic RAL 7035 (contact us for more colours).
  • Weatherised.
  • Mirror finish stainless steel.
  • Automatic door.

Main advantages:

  • Silent.
  • Smooth start and stop.
  • Easy to install (supplied pre-assembled).
  • No need for a machine room (electrics and hydraulics built into the panel structure).
  • Backup battery (to descend in case of power outage).
  • Low power consumption: 0.75 ;kW.


  • For elderly people.
  • For people with impaired mobility.
  • For wheelchair users with an assistant.
  • For one person, standing or in a wheelchair.


  • Machine room cabinet.

Technical features:

  • Minimum surface area: 900 x 800 ;mm.
  • Maximum surface area: 1400 x 1100 mm.
  • Standard speed: 0.08 ;m/s (contact us for other speeds).
  • Non-slip rubber floor.
  • Load capacity: 300 ;kg
  • External and internal operating panel.
  • Panoramic cabin measuring 1150 ;mm.
  • Small pit.
  • Minimum ceiling height on top floor.
  • Domestic power supply (single‑phase 230 ;V).

Safety features:

  • Anti-crush edge (to stop descent if obstacles are detected).
  • Safety lock on doors.
  • Anti-drift system (to stay level with the ground in case of drifts due to loading, unloading or oil leakage).
  • Mains switch.
  • Key for restricted use.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Hold to run.
  • Emergency rescue.

A product made with care down to the last detail

Also available with automatic door operator to meet specification requirements in public buildings.

A new solution to provide easier access for people with impaired mobility.

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A touch of style

You can now order your step lift platform with a stainless‑steel mirror finish.

A top‑quality finish with a modern design to blend in wherever it is installed.

A robust product that represents our brand

We have developed a low rise platform that can be installed ;outdoors ;to withstand the most ;adverse weather conditions.

Made entirely of stainless steel and protected with polyester paint. The machinery is housed inside an air-tight cabinet.